Woman’s Club Honors Students With Scholarships

Liz Calvert, Mary Cox, Sheila Ananeh-Firempong, Ashley King, Mavis Hansen, Lindsey Kuwahara, Lindsey Calva, Sarah Uriate, Maylis Whetsel, Diana Romano, Elaine Yang, Beverly Passon. Photos Courtesy of Woman’s Club of South Pasadena

With an eye on their fall college plans, six seniors graduating from South Pasadena High School were honored by the members of the Woman’s Club of South Pasadena on June 5. Scholarship Chairperson Sheila Ananeh-Firempong introduced students Maylis Whetsel, Lindsey Kuwahara, Lindsey Calva, and Sarah Uriarte. Each student was lauded for her outstanding academic achievement and awarded a $3,000 scholarship from the club. The Lynn Cathcart Memorial Scholarship of $3,000 was awarded to Elaine Yang and Ashley King was awarded the Dr. Alexander O. Firempong Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $3,750. The six honored students , their parents, along with SPHS Counselors Nan Ng and Tracy Ishimara joined the members of the Woman’s Club for a luncheon at the historic clubhouse. President Mavis Hansen congratulated the outstanding students and commended the members of the club for their successful fundraising efforts to provide the scholarships. Following the luncheon The CHORAL Belles sang show tunes from famous musical performances.